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Screen Opps aims to develop filmmaking in Lancashire by developing the knowledge and understanding of the business and how to access it, how to work from Lancashire and collaborate globally and of opportunity for emerging and established filmmakers and creative/technical/administrative crew from Lancashire.

What is Screen Opps?

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Whatever your experience or your intentions this is the start of a journey to bring Lancashire’s filmmakers to the world.

Screen Opps provides opportunities for new and experienced would-be filmmakers to come and meet professionals working in, making and funding onscreen content, and to share ideas, ask questions and find out how you can develop careers.

The events are aimed at those already working film in or aspiring towards a career in screen, tv or broadcast media.

This is relevant to anyone involved in film & broadcasting including:

  • writers,
  • actors,
  • directors,
  • producers,
  • sound,
  • graphic design,
  • props
  • film catering

Screen Opps aims to create the links between Lancashire’s film and related media industries and the best funding, development and distribution opportunities around and emerging. We are looking to overcome some of the current barriers exacerbated by geographical location. Our ethos will be that you should not need a London postcode; access to opportunities should be judged on talent. Our approach is based upon exploiting the opportunities presented by new technologies for innovation, new distribution and creation platforms and revenue opportunities as well as widening access. We aim to produce an Annual film industry symposium with focus on professional development and career gateways to progress in film and the related sectors.  Screen Opps will mix live informational events to develop skills and experience with online advice, networking and support.


Twitter: @Screen_Opps #ScreenOpps

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