The Art of Collaboration

Thursday 28th November 2019 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM

The Artistry House, 16 Winckley Square, Preston, PR1 3JJ

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An opportunity to build your network and talk to the North’s most passionate creative collaborators about how we can achieve better results when we work together.

The Art of Collaboration

(Image: with Wash Studio for Jaguar Land Rover)

in association with Creative Lancashire


5.30pm Thursday 28 November 2019

'We think the best work comes when people come together – when different fields and crafts, insights and abilities mingle and meld. That’s why we created the Artistry House: to provide a base for collaborators and a space for creativity’
Lynsey Thompson - The Artistry House

As creatives, we’re pretty well practised at the art of collaboration. So the residents of Artistry House have taken the opportunity to share their stories for an evening of great conversation, good food and potential projects.

Come along to the Artistry House on Thursday 28 November, from 5.30 –9.30pm to build your network and talk to some of the North’s most passionate collaborators about how we can do bigger, better business when we work together. So whatever your creative field or passion everyone is welcome to enjoy our relaxed environment and meet a whole host of talented folk.

With hosted rooms and creative round table discussions from Creative Lancashire, Wash Studio, The Artistry House and Studio JB, plus live art in the yard by the Cunning Craftsman.

Hosted by:

The Artistry House - Lynsey Thompson and Rose Peploe
Having successfully worked together on a number of commercial design projects Lynsey and Rose are now launching a full interior design service through the Artistry House. They'll be on hand during the evening to talk about how their collaboration has enabled them to work a branding project right the way through to the design aesthetic of a building.

Andy Walmsley – Wash Studio
Listen to how collaboration has grown Andy’s role from Art Director to Creative Director to Director, working with photographers, film makers and artists to raise his standard of work.

Ed Matthews Gentle - Creative Lancashire
Ed moderates a round-table discussion with creatives from across the disciplines to share their respective experiences of creative collaboration and insights on how to achieve mutually beneficial results. Key contributors include: Andy "Votel" Shallcross (Record Producer & Graphic Designer), David Flanagan (Illustrator & Designer), Jamie Holman (Artist, Journalist & Lecturer), Natasha Hawthornthwaite & Scott Bradley (Northern Heart Film). 

Chris Dorning aka The Cunning Craftsman
Watch the Cunning Craftsman create a live wall mural in the Artistry House backyard and find out how he’s used his creative skills across a range of collaborative projects from street art, to signage, interiors, TV campaigns and even his own book.

Studio JB
Meet our resident architects practice and find out more about how they’ve used collaboration to bring projects to life from sustainability and eco design to residential and urban regeneration.


Tickets £16 via Eventbrite - includes refreshments 


Ed Matthews-Gentle (Creative Lancashire) moderates a roundtable discussion with creatives from across the disciplines to share their respective experiences of creative collaboration and insights on how to achieve mutually beneficial results.

From brand and agency executives to artist and commissioners – the dynamic of the principle players in creative collaboration is constantly shifting and responsibilities changed significantly or blurred. At its best this can facilitate the conditions to provide a dynamic cross-fertilization of ideas. The energy that can emerge from conflict can also be exciting but there is frequently a risk of damaged relationships and mundane results born out of compromise. This roundtable discussion with key contributors from across the creative disciplines explores the potential that lay within a successful collaboration to achieve mutually beneficial results, as well as ways to navigate the tensions.

Key Contributors: 
Alex O'Toole (Arts Facilitator)
Andy Walmsley (Artist, Filmmaker & Designer)
Catarina King
(Society 1)
David Flanagan (Illustrator & Designer)
Jak Spedding (Photographer & Videographer)
Jamie Holman (Artist, Curator & Journalist)
Jonathan Ball (DesignMine/Design Council)
Natasha Hawthornthwaite & Scott Bradley (Northern Heart Film)     

About the Artistry House
Our house is more than a workspace for us, or a base for our community. It’s a place for big ideas and innovation, a living design workshop. Here, we’ve curated a space that fits us and we’re ready to do the same for you. The result is a better use of your space, and a better environment for the people within – it’s the difference between the everyday and the inspired, between being drab and being distinctive, between yet another office block and a place to thrive.

Art should be enjoyed. Let loose from behind the velvet rope. Here at the Artistry House, we offer a refreshing space for inspiring art. A working building, full of creative people, it’s far from any standard gallery. Yet it’s also open to a creative community, not a private vault for private collections. For events, launches and showings, the doors to the Artistry House are open, putting art where it belongs – on display at home. 

The best work comes when we put our heads together – moments when different fields and crafts, insights and abilities all combine. The Artistry House makes those moments. With studios and meeting spaces, it’s a workplace in the heart of Preston. But it’s more than a space for hire, a box to put people in while they work. It’s a home for inspiration and art – a space full of light and life, and the centre of our creative community.

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