Marjan Wouda: Familiar Exhibition

Saturday 25th February 2023 to Sunday 7th May 2023

The Whitaker Museum & Art Gallery, Rossendale, BB4 6RE

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Complementing the beautiful landscape of Whitaker Park, artist Marjan Wouda has created three sculptures exploring the storylore of Lancashire and its landscapes.

Marjan Wouda: Familiar Exhibition

In front of The Whitaker, Familiar is your chance to get up close and as personal as you like with Dandy (a two-meter supernatural dog inspired by the history of the Pendle Witches), The Dun Cow of Parlick (a bovine giantess who gave too much of herself) and Sir Hare, the largest sculpture at 3.6 meter in gorgeous rusty Corten steel.  

The three sculptures, created by Marjan Wouda, form the first outdoor stage of a temporary installation.

The second stage includes more of Marjan's work shown indoors from 25 February until 7 May.

The title of the exhibition plays with the meanings of the word ‘familiar’; as an adjective: to know something or someone well and as a noun: a close friend, or a spirit that is the close companion of a witch. 

Visitors can access an audio recording of a re-telling by Jacqueline Harris of each of the three stories that inspired the sculptures via the QR codes on the sculpture labels.  

Entrance to the Whitaker is free. Find out more about the installation and opening time on their website.

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