Finding Your Way

Thursday 26th September 2019 09:45 AM to 05:00 PM

Didsbury House Hotel, Manchester

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A workshop that helps participants design an exciting, meaningful and purposeful life. Especially useful for creatives and entrepreneurs.

Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way is a workshop that helps participants design an exciting, meaningful and purposeful life. It blends creative and practical techniques to help each individual create a personalised plan for a future that is uniquely theirs. 

It is a space for people to ask questions about what matters most and how to reflect that in how they live. It is a place where dreams can be encouraged, explored and empowered

The workshop is ideal for anyone who...

...wants to change their life circumstances but isn't sure where or how to start. doing well in their career but is not satisfied.

...has a dream but does not have a plan (yet).

...feels stuck or stifled.

...wants to design their life proactively rather than experience it passively.

The day will be a mix of learning, reflection and practical exercises, all intended to help you get clear on future you. You will interact with the other participants, but at the end of the workshop you will leave with a personalised plan for your chosen route forward.

Life decisions should never be made on an empty stomach, so there will be breakfast on your arrival with food and drink throughout the day (all included in the workshop price).

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