New Report Confirms Creative Industries Under Threat

17 June 2020 by Michelle

The Creative Industries Federation has shared research findings on the serious economic impact of Covid-19 on creative sectors. Find out what's at stake and what you can do to help support the future of our culture, society and economy.

New Report Confirms Creative Industries Under Threat

At the start of the pandemic, the Creative Industries Federation launched the #OurWorldWithout campaign, calling on government for urgent funding support to help creative organisations and professionals being hit hardest by the fallout from the pandemic.

They subsequently commissioned Oxford Economics to forecast the projected economic impact of Covid-19 on the creative industries. The findings are concerning and hard-hitting


  • The North West is projected to lose 30% of its creative jobs (48,000) and see a 30% (£1.4 billion) drop in creative industries GVA.
  • A combined revenue drop of £74 billion for the UK’s creative industries in 2020 (£1.4 billion a week), with a GVA drop of £29 billion.
  • 406,000 (1 in 5) creative jobs expected to be lost - more than nine times the entire workforce of British Airways or almost triple the workforce of Asda in the UK. 
  • Impact to be felt in all parts of the UK, with creative industries projected to be hit twice as hard as the wider economy overall and up to three times as hard regionally. 



Angelica Bomford, Communications and Content Manager for Creative Industries Federations shares more about how you can help:

As we emerge from lockdown, our culture and creativity will be needed more than ever. Whilst it is important to pay attention to these alarming statistics, it is also important to know that there are still things within our power to do. With that in mind, here are a few ways, we can support our world-leading creative industries and build a future built on innovation, creativity and brilliant ideas:

Write to your MP

Our MPs are a direct link to government, and are vital in addressing key areas of national concern, like the crisis taking place in the creative industries. Raise awareness that we need an urgent Cultural Renewal Fund for the creative sector and that we need to avoid a cliff-edge on support for those industries who will be latest back to work. Write to your MP and share our campaign with them. You can find a template of the letter here, ready for you to add your name and sign it.

Support local creators and creative businesses through Crowdfunding

We recently launched our Pay it Forward scheme with Crowdfunder, enabling creative businesses to pre-sell tickets, products, bookings and services now, to be redeemed later. The public can support creators through this (and creative businesses can register here to raise funding), giving our creative industries a vital cash injection when they need it most. 

Share the amazing things that your local creative practitioners are doing

There has never been a better time to use your own social media channels to share the incredible creative work that is helping you through this difficult time. While we’ve been enjoying new TV shows, concerts, artwork and design, we mustn’t forget the brilliant people that have been busy creating it. Use your social media channels to champion creativity and to share their work. Whether via Instagram, or just on your next Zoom catch-up with friends, give creators a chance to be seen. Be sure to use the hashtag #CreatingPositivity when sharing these creations in order to create a corner of the internet brimming with colour and creativity, that people can also find inspiration in. 

Add your voice to this campaign

The more people who see the startling figures published in our report, the closer we get to making real change. We must be loud enough so that government and decision makers cannot avoid hearing us. Please, join us and share these social media graphics on your own channels.

We know that there are vital movements taking place on social media right now, and would never want to take away from these necessary voices.  But we hope that there is space enough to carry on this important work, as we continue to protect the future of the creative industries.

Keep celebrating creativity

Continue to be creative. We will look back at this time and see the brilliant art and creation that took place. Let’s not lose this amazing creativity that has brought our communities so close together in these last months and weeks.

Join our Creative Coalition 

We’re bringing people together from creative communities across the UK to build a Creative Coalition to strengthen our sector’s collective power and voice. We are giving our members the chance to help drive real change at the highest level for the whole of the UK’s creative industries. 

The Creative Coalition is a major consultation project that will paint a picture of what our future economy and society could look like if we reimagine our sector. Our aim is to highlight the value that creativity, creative skills and the creative industries can bring to the UK’s economic, social and cultural regeneration. 

Images and information supplied by Creative Industries Federation.

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