Media Village wins Creative Business of the Year

13 August 2019

Media Village, a Lancashire based marketing and design company, have won ‘Creative Business of the Year’ at the Downtown in Business (Lancashire) awards.

Media Village wins Creative Business of the Year

Held at Stanley House Hotel & Spa in Blackburn in late June 2019, the awards brought together the best businesses across Lancashire from a diverse range of sectors.

This award was nominated by the public and winning the award was dependent on how many votes each company received. Media Village received an outstanding number of votes from the public and the team couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Media Village have had a very successful year since moving into their new creative office space, their creative team has expanded and as a result so have the creative services they can offer as a business. Therefore, this award feels like a testament to the team’s hard work and passion over the last twelve months, which really is their fuel to growth within the creative sector.

Nathan Littler, Creative Manager, states, “ It has been my first year as Creative Manager, and as Media Village started out primarily from a print background, our overall mission as a team has been to transform us into a creditable, creative team with the added bonus of in-house printing facilities. The current creative team we have at Media Village have remarkable dedication, a shared ethos for the business and the determination to grow personally as well as together as a successful business. I believe that winning the Creative Business of the Year award is a huge stepping stone for the company and our future plans.”

The team at Media Village hope to be making more space on their trophy shelf very soon, as they are also finalists for the ‘Small Business of the Year’ award at the BIBAs 2019.

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