Lancashire Film Hub

30 July 2022 by Ed

In our first show & tell event we profile the work of Northern Heart Films & Wash Films who will provide insights into their screen projects. Connect with local creatives, network with industry professionals to find out about support and resources available for those developing careers in screen.

Lancashire Film Hub

Lancashire Film Hub

Northern Heart Films & Wash Studio

6pm Tuesday 9 August - The Continental, Preston

with guest contributors: Natasha Hawthornthwaite & Scott Bradley: Northern Heart Films Andy Walmsley: Wash Studio


Join us for the first in our new series of Lancashire Screen Hub events to meet with other local industry creatives and professionals.

Connect with local creatives, network with industry professionals to find out about support and resources available for those developing careers in screen

A key feature of this and forthcoming events is the opportunity for industry professionals and emerging talent to share work and gain constructive feedback from your peers. In our first show & tell event we showcase projects by Northern Heart Films and Wash Films who will provide insights into selected self-initiated and commercial projects, plus their respective approaches to the craft of filmmaking. 


Northern Heart Films are Natasha Hawthornthwaite and Scott Bradley. They are passionate about crafting emotional, human focused stories that stay with you long after the end credits have rolled. "We tell inspiring stories of strength and unity, people breaking through barriers and challenging perceptions. We care deeply about the people we place in front of our cameras; their story becomes our story and together we can inspire positive change." 

Wash is a Preston based ideas studio with a team of talented strategic thinkers and visual creatives led by Andy Walmsley and Lynsey Thompson. They have established a reputation as one of the most respected design and film studios in the north-west. Wash brings content to life through film, telling stories across all forms of digital and motion picture media. "We’re immersed in the arts, not just avid consumers of the latest art, music, film and more, but active creators and a leading voice in the region’s cultural conversation"


Natasha Hawthornthwaite: Creative Director, Northern Heart Films

Natasha has grown to become a deeply emotionally intelligent documentary maker whose films cannot fail to move you. Passion is not the word for Natasha, it is more fitting to describe Natasha as an authentic storyteller, a person who has an innate ability to find stories and craft films that have depth and spark conversation

 Scott Bradley: Head of Production, Northern Heart Films

Currently Head of Production at Northern Heart Films Scott is passionate about crafting films that have the impact to inspire positive change. Scott's produced a number of films for CBBC, CBeebies, The Guardian, The Mirror, Historic England, BFI Doc Society and Waterbear Network which has helped him round off his skills as an effective filmmaker and storyteller.  

Andy Walmsley: Creative Director, Wash Studio (Wash Films)

Andy has been in creative studios since he broke out of school at 16, and has been an active part of Lancashire’s creative community for almost as long. From guest lecturing at the local university to various initiatives with the Design Council, he’s also one of the Artistry House’s artists and co-founders


Entry is FREE and open to anyone with an interest in film, whether you are a dedicated hobbyist, or a seasoned industry professional! To confirm attendance please register via the Eventbrite Page

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