Crafts Council launches International Toolkit for makers to sell overseas

13 April 2022

​Crafts Council's new International Toolkit is a one-stop-shop of information for makers looking to sell and showcase their work overseas. The online toolkit includes a PDF guidebook and downloadable resources to get makers started on their exporting journey.

Crafts Council launches International Toolkit for makers to sell overseas

The international market can provide profile-raising opportunities, creative development, sales, networking and regular income from the likes of interior designers and retail buyer

Crafts Council's new online International Toolkit enables you to broaden your business horizons with free templates and checklists, research links, glossary of terms and step-by-step guidance on export and pricing strategies. 

Who is the International Toolkit for?

These resources are designed to support:

  • New exporters
  • Makers who have lost confidence in trading overseas
  • UK craft businesses of any scale seeking up-to-date advice on the international export of craft 

What is this resource about?

This resource is a one-stop-shop that will take makers through a journey to help them to be smarter about exporting. It will also help makers to unravel some of the technical jargon and complexities involved and support them through with useful links and templates.  

What does the International Toolkit include?

Free resources to demystify business jargon and complexities, templates and useful links. Content includes:

  • How to identify if your work is export ready
  • How to find the best market for your work
  • How to make an export plan
  • Templates of documents for exporting
  • Research links
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Case studies from real makers 

You can access the Toolkit HERE

Crafts Council invites you to come forward with feedback on this Toolkit to understand the impact this toolkit can have on your business.  Get in touch via

Image Credit: Dalia James Profile by Joan, via Crafts Council

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