CC Skills launches free training sessions for Employers

11 January 2022

Creative & Cultural Skills have launched a new series of sector support training sessions for employers in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, running between January and May 2022.

CC Skills launches free training sessions for Employers

Creative & Cultural Skills have launched a series of free training sessions regarding Fair Access for employers based in England (funded by Arts Council England), Scotland (funded by Creative Scotland) and Northern Ireland (funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland), delivered online by their UK-wide team.

The training covers:

A Best Practice Guide to Recruitment  This session takes employers through the various steps of inclusive and diverse recruitment practices, from understanding different work-based entry routes into the sector and their basic legalities, to recognising unconscious bias and putting steps in place to improve workforce recruitment within your own organisation.

Introduction to Apprenticeships  This is an information session for employers who are considering taking on apprentices for the first time and want to understand more about this entry route, how they work and the practical steps to introducing them to your organisation.

Understanding Volunteering  This session will help employers ensure they have all the basics covered for understanding the conditions that describe genuine volunteering, as opposed to unpaid work, and how this route can be positioned as a step into paid employment.

Working with Freelancers  This session will guide employers through the legal boundaries of working with the self-employed, from understanding the definition of a freelancer and the benefits and risks to your business when working with them, to realising what you are responsible for, as the hiring business. A Manager’s Guide to

Apprenticeships  This session is designed to support those who are new to managing apprentices and are looking to take on their first apprentice. It covers what apprentices are and why they’re important, open recruitment, working with those who are new to the world of work, safeguarding/pastoral care and working with training providers.

Introducing a Workforce Recruitment Policy  This session will support employers to create and implement a meaningful policy that encourages them to actively consider the different entry routes they use and why and realise the recruitment approaches and commitments they will make as a company, with diversity and inclusion at the heart. We are currently exploring funding options to make our free Fair Access Sector Support Training available in Wales.

Upcoming dates - England:

Introduction to Apprenticeships

Wed 9th Feb, 10.30am - midday (England) | Book now

A Manager's Guide to Apprenticeships

Thu 24th Mar, 10am - 1pm (England) | Book now

A Best Practice Guide to Recruitment

Tue 12th Jul, 10am - 1pm (England) | Book now

Understanding Volunteering

Wed 11th May, 10am - 11.30am (England) | Book now

Working with Freelancers 

Thu 9th June, 10am - 11.30am (England) | Book now

Introducing a Workforce Recruitment Policy 

Thu 10th Mar, 10.30am - midday (England) | Book now

Creative & Cultural Skills supports the UK cultural sector by shaping skills, education and employment best practice. We provoke action and enable learning opportunities that drive change and help to build an inclusive skilled sector.

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