Call To Support The Creative Skills Programme

06 May 2019

The Creative Careers Programme is an industry-designed and led initiative to raise awareness of opportunities for work across the creative economy. It was a commitment made by government and industry, made through the Creative Industries Sector Deal with support from the Creative Industries Council.

Call To Support The Creative Skills Programme

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has provided funding to kick-start the programme.
Through the programme around 2 million young people will be able to access better advice about pursuing a
creative career, and leading organisations and individuals from across the creative industries will engage with
more than 160,000 school-age students by March 2020.

More than £12m of value-in-kind commitments have been made by creative enterprises and individuals across
England, who will be at the heart of the programme's delivery. The Creative Industries Federation,
ScreenSkills and Creative & Cultural Skills are the lead delivery partners for the project, and will be working
closely with The Careers & Enterprise Company, Speakers for Schools and creative enterprises and individuals
across the country to ensure its long-lasting impact.

The Creative Careers Programme will help young people to better understand the range of opportunities
open to them across the creative economy, as well as the skills and qualifications they need in order to
succeed when they leave school.

The programme will bring together organisations and individuals from across the creative industries with
teachers, careers advisers, parents, guardians and thousands of young people. Together, we will ensure that
careers in the creative economy are more accessible to a wider range of people and that we maximise the
creative talent of the next generation.

The programme has been shaped directly by industry, and will be funded and delivered by creative
businesses, institutions, trade bodies and individuals across England. The programme will be supported by
government through to March 2020, but industry's intention is to ensure that the programme, and its
impacts, will last long beyond this time.

Find out more about how you can get involved here: or access the downloadable PDF.

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