Call for Evidence: British Film & High-End Television

04 August 2023 by Ed

The Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) select committee recently launched its inquiry into the challenges facing Film and High-End TV in the UK. Interested individuals and organisations are invited to feed into the process.

Call for Evidence: British Film & High-End Television

Call for Evidence

British Film and High-End Television Written Evidence

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee is inviting written submissions by Tuesday 19 September on the following areas:

  • How attractive is the UK as a global destination for the production of film and high-end television?
    • What are the barriers to maintaining and increasing overseas investment in the sector?
    • What are the benefits and challenges of overseas investment for the UK’s film-making capacity?

  • What are the current challenges facing the UK’s independent film production sector?
    • What is the demand for and capacity for production of films with a clear British identity?
    • Are the nations and regions of the UK adequately represented and supported in the production of British films?

  • What more can be done to incentivise film and high-end television production in the UK?
    • Are the current funding routes, tax credits and governance for the industry fit for purpose?

  • What are the issues facing the UK’s film exhibition sector?

  • What more can be done to protect and promote the UK’s screen heritage?

  • What can the industry and Government do to ensure British film and high-end television can adapt for the future?
    • What should be prioritised to ensure a strong skills pipeline and retention in the film and high-end TV industry?
    • What are the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence to the sector?
    • What needs to change to ensure the industry is supporting inclusivity and sustainability.


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