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J Sol Art Exhibiting at Creative Lancashire Hub

J Sol is just one of the exhibitors involved in the Creative Lancashire Hub Gallery that will be showcasing work at BOB North.

About J Sol

J Sol was born near greater Manchester, England. He works predominantly in the medium of digital art and design but includes illustration, 3d modelling, animation and motion graphics.

J has independently explored areas of art and design including art history, creative practices and commercial processes. His findings during this exploration period helped him cultivate his artistic skills and nurture his own distinctive styles, concepts and ideas.

Thus far, he has developed art and design for international brands, a host of world renown entertainers and formed collaborations with creative individuals from around the world.

His work

J has featured in shows and workshops at the South bank Centre in London, ICC centre in Birmingham, The Lowry Theatre in Manchester and at a host of venues in South Asia.

Some of his work includes a project called Preston City Art, where J Sol has taken various photographs of areas in Preston and added his usual digital twist. To see this work, click here. In 2014, Jai began to create a series of artworks that conveyed his interpretation of landscapes in Preston.

His love for the city inspired a collection of 30 beautiful pieces. In 2015, Jai teamed up with local businessman and entrepreneur, Dizzy Tailor. Together they formed a commercial platform for the art in the form of Preston City Art.

Now with over 15 years of experience in developing art and design, J has created a host of services for those who require high-quality art, brand and concept design for commercial and private purposes.

"I love creating with people who are building entities that can inspire and impact the world. My aim is to add value to their vision with innovation and power"

J is currently developing products, design solutions, exhibitions and bespoke services for a host of industries from fashion to retail to interior design.

J Sol has 5 companies due to launch in 2015 which will showcase his creativity and vision.

About the exhibition

J Sol's work will be showcased on the 15th of May at BOB North event in the Creative Lancashire Hub.

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