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Creative Employment Programme Case Study

Case Study: Hannah Stringer, Associate Artist in Residence Intern

Hannah's story

After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, I found it difficult to know where to look for specialist art roles so I widened my search with the help of JCP. There I found out about this Internship, which was an unexpected surprise given it was so local and exactly what I wanted to do.

My role is beyond exciting, changing every day. I have been very fortunate in being given the freedom to continue to develop my own socially engaged arts practice in Pendle, driven by what happiness means to an individual and to diverse communities; most importantly how it might be created or celebrated.

I have also been given the opportunity to aid in the creation and development of other art pieces that the organisation creates or facilitates.

I liaise with artists, publicising and co-ordinating arts events and exhibitions. I have even been given extremely generous amounts of exhibition space to install my own work for public reception.

I work with local high schools, working with pupils on projects which will feed into their GCSE work.

"The Internship has given me an insight and knowledge of the industry and the confidence to realise that what was a dream job can be a reality and that I am already part way through my 5 year plan – earlier than expected!"

I attend a variety of networking events, which are really useful in expanding my contacts and learning from peers. I also co-ordinate admin - having been given training in health and safety, social media and safeguarding for the workplace - and am responsible for the creation of the monthly newsletter, blog posts and more.

Being exposed to so many creative, solution-focused artworks has been extremely inspiring. The internship has not only confirmed my realisation that this is the right type of work for me, but that it is possible for me to find it, create opportunities for myself to do it and offer spaces for others to make it.

I now know how artists work and I understand the wider business requirements- being able to ask about, access, and aid with financing and marketing. It has been good to have ownership and creativity in the role. I have been pushed forward with my improvisational skills, in learning how best to co-ordinate the delivery of projects (their happenings, organizational meetings, marketing and more) with others to ensure each is as beneficial to the community as possible.

I am currently applying for individual and partnership funding with another intern, in the hopes that I am able to stay on at In-Situ, being responsible for supporting my income as an artist and event-organizer.

In-Situ have made me feel welcome since day one and have been both flexible and supportive, allowing me to get involved in different projects which have accommodated my professional development needs.