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Dance at Work: The Creative Business Toolkit by Helen Baxter

An excellent book for entrepreneurs who want to be creative not only in the studio but also in the office.

An eBook highly recommended for people who want to combine their creative passion with smart business techniques – a combination called ‘T-Shirts and Suits’.

‘Dance at Work. The Creative Business Toolkit’ is written by Helen Baxter, a creative entrepreneur based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Sadly, many creative people use their creativity in their studios but somehow switch off their creativity when it comes to the way they do business. Helen Baxter clearly isn’t one of them.

She combines digital efficiency with a healthy outlook on work and life. Helen shares her vast knowledge of the digital world, showing how a wide range of online tools and techniques can be used to make creative projects even more effective, profitable and successful.

I’m still working my way through the list of new techniques, tools and resources to apply to my own creative business after reading this eBook!

Dance at Work is packed full of sound advice, online tools and business wisdom, written by someone who clearly practices what she preaches in her own enterprise and creative projects.

Highly recommended for people who want to combine their creative passion with smart business techniques.

This book is a must for entrepreneurs who want to dance happily and skilfully to achieve both creative and commercial success.

Helen Baxter (below) is “Managing Directrix” of Mohawk Media, and co-founder of the League of Pragmatic Optimists.

She has taught Professional Practice at design, film and media colleges across New Zealand and the UK, and as a Teaching Fellow for the School of Design at Victoria University, Wellington.

She is an XMediaLab mentor, international keynote speaker and technology commentator for TV and radio, including three years on Radio New Zealand, National.

Helen was one of New Zealand’s first international teleworkers as founding Editor of KnowledgeBoard, a Knowledge Management community run by the European Commission.

Helen Baxter
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Available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon.
Twitter: @idanceatwork
Youtube: Dance at Work video