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UCLan Fine Art and Drawing & Image making Degree Shows have begun!

The exhibitions held at UClan's Hanover Building is the culmination of three years of hard work, study and development by BA (Hons) Fine Art and BA (Hons) Drawing & Image Making students.

The work reflects the dynamic, interdisciplinary and broad-based nature of contemporary art practice.

Existing ideas and ongoing debates about art are engaged with, challenged, repositioned and explored through diverse methodologies and processes, combining technical innovation, philosophical enquiry and conceptual discourse: from representational painting to multimedia installation, artists books and zines to experiments with film, photography and sculpture.

This exhibition by Muriel Hayes-Sinclair, a Fine Art student, is titled Wondering Discovery.

About Wondering Discovery

"Since a young age I have always been inspired by the way paper can transform from a flat surface into a multitude of different shapes. Based on the old Japanese craft of origami, I am using my skills in paper folding and focussing on the shapes the paper has transformed into.

Through the use of photography and tessellation folding, I am exploring the ideas and feelings I get from the photographic images projected onto a 3D surface. When I look at these images I like I am traveling into them, like it's a tunnel to be explored.

I like how the vibrant colours produced by the light provides depth and creates the illusion of movement. The scale of the piece draws the viewers attention and gives them the experience of engaging and traveling into the piece."

(below: an photograph of Muriel's work)

Explore the 2015 degree show and you will encounter cinematic landscapes, unique aesthetic commentaries and works that explore perceptions of time and memory.

Opening times:
13/06/15 - 20/06/15
Weekdays 10am - 5pm

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