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Tick it: The Pilot

Tick It enables anyone to immediately rate & review their arts / entertainment / culture experiences

Arts organisations are invited to participate in the pilot and to receive FREE Analyticks.

ABOUT TICK IT (for users)

Tick It is free to users – and there is no registration required to check out the ratings & reviews given by others. However, if a user is registered, then they can select the PEOPLE LIKE ME feature, which filters the results so that the user sees just the ratings/reviews from people with similar interests or characteristics.

Users do need to register to add their own rating/review. Basic registration is very simple – name, email, username, password, home postcode, short profile (optional). There are two additional registration sections (about your interests/about you) which users are encouraged to complete as they will enable the PEOPLE LIKE ME feature to work. Users also receive TickBack points for completing each stage of the registration process – and every time they add a rating or review. TickBack points will be exchangeable for discounts or tickets (in due course).

Ratings can be for any “item” – e.g. a museum or a book or a performance. However, it could also be for a theatre company overall, as well as for any individual shows they present – or even for individual performers. If it is a touring show, the venue itself could be a separate item to be rated.

Registered users can also add items to be rated, if they do not appear when searched.

ABOUT TICK IT (for owners)
(by owners we mean companies, venues, museums, galleries, publishers, festivals, cinemas, production companies, etc.)

Owners will be free to add their own organisations, events, performances, publications, etc. – info can be added directly, or schedules sent to Euclid who wi ll add the information on behalf of the organisation Owners can also include extra details such as websites, links to ticket sales sites, images, etc. Owners can subscribe to receive or access detailed AnalyTICKS of the users who are rating/reviewing their items – Analyticks will be free to pilot participants.

AnalyTICKS will provide an analysis of:

  • basic information – numbers who have rated, numbers giving each score, home locations
  • user interests (arts areas) and focus (traditional, contemporary, family friendly, etc) – including data analysing what sorts of other items are being rated by these users
  • user demographics: age, employment status, employment/study sectors, income levels, etc.

For the full summary of the Tick It programme, download the document below.

Download 'tick_it_pilot_participants_summary.pdf'