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Arts Council: The Shop

The Shop is an Arts Council and Portas Funded project and is a space where we can sell art work, donated items, vintage clothing, lovely coffee and a space to make things and run workshops.

The Shop is an eclectic space and will be open to all. There is a programme of artist commissions to accompany this project and it will be in the former post office in Nelson, actually on the high street.

We are already working with a collection of independent artists, designers and makers who have come together to show pre-loved items can be turned into beautiful unique and creative goods for sale.
We would like to offer this opportunity even wider and are seeking artists, makers, designers, illustrators and vintage traders to express an interest in having some of our space. We will be giving priority to previous Nelson Art and Vintage Market traders but will accept expressions of interest from anyone. We will not accept any mass produced items unless they are vintage items (i.e. more than 20 years old). We will make sure any traders accepted do not sell similar items to any other traders, for example if you make hand sewn animals or colourful jewellery – you will be the only trader who has that style.

We will be open from the 6th December for a minimum of 7 months and are looking for people to either rent-a-shelf to display products or rent a mini-shop space which can be filled with products and branded how you wish. These opportunities will be a minimum commitment of 2 months, and then either party can leave with 1 months’ notice.
The Shop itself is going to be open and staffed Wednesdays to Saturdays from 10-3pm and is on the main high street of Nelson, diagonally across from Pendle Wavelengths. You will not be expected to man your shelf or shop but you will be responsible for stock control, writing a sales and returns policy, branding your own space and you can choose to provide your own packaging if you wish. This is a unique opportunity to have a high street presence at very low cost compared to opening and manning your own space.

“Work is going on at all hours to get this inspiring place ready to open its doors at the next Arts and Vintage Festival on Saturday and Sunday, December 6th and 7th.
“But the big difference is that it will stay open after the festival.
“Already inspiring artists and creative people have signed up to join The Shop.
“We’re now putting out a final call for a few more so that it’s full of wonderful things by opening day.”

- Kirsty Rose, arts development officer for Pendle Leisure Trust (who is leading the project)

Want to get involved?

Anyone who is interested in being part of The Shop is asked to ring Kirsty on 661784 or 07815 962190.