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The Invisible Sector

Original article written by David Parrish

"Creating new jobs in twos and threes, hundreds of times over, month by month, is great news for the economy, but not seen as 'news' by the media", says marketing consultant David Parrish.

In a recent article published by the City Tribune, David Parrish discusses the Creative Industries in the city of Liverpool. He talks about how he thinks of it as "The Invisible Sector", how Liverpool's universities attract students, but the creative sector is what keeps them there and how Liverpool is renowned internationally for its creativity.

An excerpt from David Parrish's article:

The creative and digital industries create more wealth and jobs than many other sectors in Liverpool and the rest of the UK, but you'd never think that just from looking around. This sector has thousands of micro business with fewer than ten employees, so they don't get picked up by the economic radar that's scanning only for big businesses.

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