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The Ambling Man Trilogy

Fylde Filmmakers make Smart Phone Trilogy

It started on a cold windy sand dune in St. Annes 2014. It's January and Alistair Cave, Matthew Edwards and Justin De Rizzio-George are battling the elements with a small tripod and one iPhone. The boys have just finished their Masters at UCLan and it's their first shoot in the "real world". The brief was a three minute short to be filmed entirely on an iPhone for The iPhone Film Festival. Unbeknownst to the crew 'The Ambling Man Trilogy' had been born.

The first film, The Ambling Man, consisted of Alistair playing 'Martin', a man who believes himself to be from another planet exploring the Fylde Coast and its sights. The film received positive reviews in its first week and had almost five hundred hits on the filmmakers YouTube channel 'Mort&Pal'. This sparked an idea to create a trilogy solely using an iPhone and two further films shortly followed. Part two and three encompassed not only the solitary life of a man lost on his own, but the cinematic landscape the Fylde Coast has to offer; from the windswept beaches of St. Annes to the iconic white windmill on Lytham Green, finally arriving at the piers, amusements and dominating spectacle that is Blackpool Tower.

With the films concentrating largely on one character due to budget and equipment constraints, it was decided voice-over would be used throughout. Matthew provided the witty northern commentary that makes 'The Ambling Man' so unique, with Justin playing one of Martin's only friends on his journey. After completing the trilogy in May, it was promoted via Mort&Pal which garnered further interest with both Alistair and Matthew appearing live on Radio Lancashire's Breakfast show to talk about the project. The trilogy continues to be well received, so far accumulating over a thousand views and still rising. However, this is not the end, Martin is still out there and looking to broaden his horizons, possibly venturing to Europe and beyond...

Links to Radio Lancashire interview and trilogy:

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