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New coworking, hotdesking & office space opens in central Preston

Society 1 is taking the co-working concept and focusing on the people that make up that environment totally.

Co-working – just a new dress for an existing space? NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST!

City Centre office space and services are nothing new. They are by design a way to leverage a return against an asset. All pretty boring and business sensible and how things have been done for hundreds of years. Co-working turns that upside down.

There are many cost advantages to working in a shared coworking space, but the ethos of ‘coworking’ is much more than financials.

Owners Catarina & Brendan King, and Chris Ruppert are taking the co-working concept and focusing on the people that make up that environment totally. The right people on the right seats in on the bus mentality.

Growing an effective, respected community, making sure the right people find their way to succeed in a space that works for them on their own terms is the ultimate goal of this new adventure we’d love you to consider joining us on.

The owners' idea is to bring bright, creative people together and let the ideas collide.

"At Society1 we are a group of like minded individuals that want to strive to achieve the ultimate goal of work life balance. We love the idea that the daily grind doesn’t have to be a grind and we can work in great places surrounded by great people. We think it would be wonderful to create it for other people too, at the same time as for ourselves."

"We don’t want to fall into the trap of quoting all the buzz word ideals of a coworking space but in essence that is where we are. We all have to work so why not work somewhere great with inspiring people."

"We have brought this coworking philosophy to Preston and strive to create a true coworking space in which our community can grow."

Download co-working brochure

Society 1 is a professional place where you can rent work space in a way that suits you.

"We use great systems that allow you to be totally in charge of your own package. We don’t ask for big commitments just 1 month sign up. So you can increase and decrease you package with us at any point. You won’t even need to ask us – you can just swap it via the membership portal. Don’t under estimate it. Your new office might look cool and funky, but the emphasis is on being a place to work and being productive."

Facilities available include

  • Printer / photocopying / scanning
  • Meeting rooms with 4K interactive screens
  • Super fast fibre internet with wifi and network access points
  • Post box facilities – Virtual office facilities
  • State of the art phone exchange, customisable to your business
  • Team workshop / activity space – Huddle rooms
  • Quiet spaces – Bike racks – Break out areas
  • Pool table – Good FREE coffee 

with more instalments to come……

To organise a visit and find more information contact the team at

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Society 1
9-10 Cross Street,

Tel: 01772 428 048