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Skills Route Wins Education Open Data Challenge

Skills Route shows the way for next generation of education open data apps

A service bringing together a unique collection of education and career related open data sets has won the Education Open Data Challenge. Skills Route, a ne product from MIME Consulting, is a service for young people designed to show them for the first time how they are likely to fare on their preferred course at local schools and further education providers.

Impressively, the team has been able to link the projected performance at your preferred school with where you might end up afterwards, as well as what your long term earning potential might be.
This is the first step towards the holy grail of data-driven career's advice which would ultimately help to give young people a sense of how their choices at 16 might have a longer term impact on their ambitions later in life, such as the job they want to be doing and how much they want to be earning. How many of us might have made different decisions about which courses to take and where to study if we has access to a tool like Skills Route when we were 16?

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