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National Festival of Making: Bite Size Workshops

A series of short workshops and tutorial sessions for creative practitioners and designer makers

Speakers: Eddie Kirkby, Jak Spedding, Jonathan Ball, Intellectual Property Office
Time & Date: 12.30, 13.30, 14.30 & 15.30, Saturday 15th June

National Festival of Making 2019


Date: Saturday 15 June 2019
Time: check website for timings
Venue: Kathleen Ferrier Bar, King George's Hall

Free to attend - no booking required

A series of short drop-in workshops and tutorial sessions for creative practitioners and designer makers. 

The sessions will last around 20 minutes plus some time for Q&A - see times & session details below:

12.30: Product Development & Prototyping of New Ideas:
with Eddie Kirkby (Making Rooms) & Jonathan Ball (Designmine & Design Associate - V&A Dundee)

From conceptual ideas through to fully developed CAD models Facilities like the AMRC, Innovation Clinic at UCLan, CAVE at Edge Hill, The Making Rooms in Blackburn and other facilities cross the county can help design, model and fabricate fully functioning prototypes in a variety of materials and processes. Find out more the help and support available in Lancashire.

Eddie Kirkby
Before joining the Making Rooms as director in 2016, Eddie Kirkby was previously the Charity Operations Manager at the Manchester-based Manufacturing Institute that introduced the Fab Labs to Britain from the US, where the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) first pioneered the idea. He then helped set up the two Fab Labs in Manchester and Ellesmere Port and grew the network across the country where he helped train staff, install equipment and provided advice on issues like raising funding.

13.30: Understanding Intellectual Property Office
with Emma Richards & Nicholas Chard (Intellectual Property Office)

Do you think about your intellectual property (IP)? Do you understand whether you should protect your IP?

Having the right type of IP protection helps you to stop people stealing or copying the names of your products or brands, your inventions, the design or look of your products and the things you write, make or produce. This workshop provides an introduction IP (patents, trademarks, designs and copyright) and how to apply this information to your business.

Emma Richards (IPO)
Emma has worked for the IPO for 20 years after studying Business and Marketing in the University of Wales in Cardiff. She is experienced in delivering and advising on all aspects of Intellectual Property. She has worked in the Business Outreach Team for the past 12 years and travels the UK giving advice to SME’s and individuals who want help with their IP strategy.

Nicholas Chard (IPO)
Nicholas has worked for the IPO for 5 years. He has worked in various departments of the Office and is experienced in delivering and advising on all aspects of Intellectual Property. He is relatively new to the Outreach team and is excited to start traveling the UK delivering the IP message to SME’s, Stakeholders and promoting our online tools. 

14.30: Introduction to Creative Step:
with Jonathan Ball (Designmine & Design Associate, V&A Dundee)

Do you have a creative business? Do you want to take it to the next level? Are you planning to be a creative entrepreneur? If so, the Creative Step is for you! Opportunity to find out more about Creative Lancashire's new business support programme for creative businesses at all stages of progression, and how to sign-up for our next cohort.

Jonathan Ball
Jonathan Ball (Designmine & Design Associate, V&A Dundee) operates as an independent design strategist working with a wide range of both public and private sector. As an instructor with LUMA-Institute, the Pittsburgh-based, design education and innovation organisation he develops strategies for clients across the world including Honeywell, DBS (Singapore), Prudential and McDonald’s.

15.30: Common Photography Mistakes & How to Fix Them:
with Jak Spedding (Jak Spedding Photography)

Achieving great images for your portfolio, website or applications can sometimes be complex and technically challenging. This tutorial workshop will take you through common photography mistakes and give you some tips on how to avoid them.

Jak Speddding
Jak Spedding is the founder of Jak Spedding Photography Limited, a Blackburn-based commercial photography company specialising in interiors and architecture photography. In the past two years, 30-year-old Jak has worked with a host of high profile clients, as well as supporting local startups and charities. Jak is the filmmaker behind Meet The Maker, a series of videos shining a spotlight on some of the brightest stars in Lancashire's creative industries.


Now in its third year, National Festival of Making (NFM) is a vibrant national celebration of making, from the kitchen table to the factory floor. The festival weekend brings together artists, designers, manufacturers, small-scale makers and the public, to explore their own making potential. The festival takes place on 15th and 16th June in Blackburn, where the percentage of people employed in manufacturing is double the national average.

Twitter: @festofmaking
Instagram: @thefestivalofmaking


Kathleen Ferrier Bar,
King Georges Hall