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Meet the Artist - Tapestry Weaver Jilly Edwards


Meet the Artist Tapestry Weaver Jilly Edwards Saturday 25 January, 1-3pm

Visit The Harley Gallery, Welbeck on Saturday 25 January from 1-3pm to meet leading tapestry weaver Jilly Edwards.

Wanderlust: Tapestries by Jilly Edwards will be showing at The Harley Gallery from 22 January to 23 March 2014. The exhibition will include new tapestries that are drenched in a vivid yellow colour palette - perfect for brightening up grey winter days!

Edwards weaves abstract, painterly compositions which capture fleeting moments and recollections through the time consuming and laborious process of weaving. This is a meticulous craft - a tapestry 10 by 12 feet in size can take over a year to complete. Though her compositions seem spontaneous, they represent a considered, lengthy process and a multitude of experiences.

Edwards' tapestries tell stories about her journeys through different landscapes. In her new work, she has found inspiration in oilseed rape fields. Visitors can unravel these journeys from their abstracted and recollected compositions. Bands of colour that suggest fields, or a delicate mark which hints at the trace of a fence, all give clues to the inspirations behind these works.

Spinning yarns about her travels, the compositions in these tapestries distil a vast collection of stories and moments into a single image. Edwards makes reams of notes; her journals and sketches are then worked and reworked from realistic drawings, to colourful watercolours and eventually to a finished tapestry design.

She explains:'I may produce 50 sketches/drawings but only produce a few woven tapestries. Always the work has an element of the landscape, whether I am walking to the corner shop, or at the beach or on the train travelling through unfamiliar countryside, but it's not about the landscape, it's about my feelings, thoughts, memories that the sights, words and sounds evoke in me.'

Visit The Harley Gallery on Saturday 25 January 1-3pm to meet top tapestry weaver Jilly Edwards and see the new exhibition. Wanderlust: Tapestries by Jilly Edwards is showing from 22 January to 23 March 2014.

The Harley Gallery is on the A60 between Mansfield and Worksop, 10 minutes from the A1 and M1.
Free entry and free parking.

Visit for further information.