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Manchester Digital - Training and CPD Service

Manchester Digital provide two new training courses

A culture of continuous learning is the lifeblood of successful digital organisations.

Inhouse knowledge sharing, mentoring and self-learning are all essential, but the value of external sessions which support ongoing skills development cannot be underestimated.

Manchester Digital's new training days seek to address specific regional business concerns by providing access to established worldclass practitioner-trainers. Affordable and highly practical, they offer the opportunity to step away from day-to-day distractions, seek advice from an impartial expert and share experiences with your peers to help develop a broader perspective.

Clearly signposted resources and suggestions for further investigation also mean you'll return to the work environment equipped to continue your own skills development journey and inspire your colleagues.

The two training courses offered are:

  • Digital Immersion - Sunday 8th July
  • The Essential Digital Manager - Saturday 14th July

To find out more about the two training courses, or to book a place, please visit: