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Make it Digital

BBC launches flagship UK-wide initiative to inspire a new generation with digital technology

Make It Digital content season

To showcase how Britain has helped shape the digital world, why digital skills matter, and inspire our audiences to become creators and well as digital consumers, BBC Make it Digital will harness the power of its best-loved brands to bring coding and digital technology to life, with a wide-reaching season of content across TV and radio as well as online.

Over the past six months, programmes including Nina And The Neurons, Technobabble and Doctor Who have already inspired thousands of children to design and make games and learn coding and digital skills.

The Make It Digital season will target wider audiences across the UK with a host of specially commissioned content, as well as focus on younger audiences to inspire them to get involved and build their digital skills.

A host of programming on TV and radio will bring to life some of the stories and luminaries behind coding and digital creativity in the UK today, and several exciting online initiatives together with major brands like EastEnders, Radio 1, BBC Weather, The One Show and Children in Need will inspire audiences of all ages to take part.

Building up to a big moment in September, the BBC’s Make it Digital content season will include:

  • The 2015 Dimbleby Lecture: Baroness Lane-Fox
  • A new version of the Doctor Who and the Dalek coding game, and a dedicated Doctor Who challenge for audiences to get involved
  • A chance to give your own take on an upcoming EastEnders storyline, online
  • A new UK-wide Weather Watchers club that will launch together with The One Show
  • A new drama based on Grand Theft Auto on BBC Two, one of the most extraordinary and controversial creative success stories of our time
  • Documentaries including Gordon Welchman - The Forgotten Genius Of Bletchley Park on BBC Two; and on the pioneering mathematician Ada Lovelace, and the wonder or algorithms on BBC Four
  • Hackstage pass, encouraging listeners to code through game play ahead of Radio 1’s Big Weekend
  • A Brian Cox-fronted panel show, Six Degrees
  • A BBC Three talent show, Girls Can Code
  • A raft of programming for Radio 4 that celebrates both the history of coding, computing and digital, and looks to the future
  • A series of iWonder guides from Ian Livingstone on gaming, Lauren Laverne on the language of code, Piers Linney and many more
  • Superhero-themed digital games and animation kits as part of Children in Need

Many of the BBC’s biggest and best-loved brands across TV and Radio are creating online and interactive content to inspire their audiences with digital technology, including Doctor Who, EastEnders, Children in Need, Radio 1, Appsolute Genius, Technobabble and Nina And The Neurons.   More Information