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Leading Business by Design

How Thomson Reuters redesigned market trading and changed their company for good

At their Leading Business by Design summit Rachel Jackson told the story of how her team began secretly redesigning Eikon, Thomson Reuters' financial market analytics and trading software.

Overhauling the user experience put the design team on the map allowing them to establish a design lab within the firm, fundamentally changing the way the company develops products.

Driving the new design thinking that is being applied across the business are four core principles which Rachel expands on in her talk:

  • Persistance
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Courage
  • Thinking big

The Leading Business by Design report highlights three key findings on how businesses can benefit from design:

  • Design is customer-centred - Benefit is greatest when design is intimately related to solving problems, especially customers' problems.
  • Design is most powerful when culturally embedded - It works best when it has strong support in the organisation, especially from senior management.
  • Design can add value to any organisation - Design can benefit manufacturing and service-based organisations, small, medium or large.

Watch Rachel's full talk and other movies from the day

The Leading Business by Design report is titled 'Why and How Business Leaders Invest in Design' and can be downloaded on the Design Council website. The report was written by Pietro Micheli, an Associate Professor of Organisational Performance at Warwick Business School. The majority of the report is centred around case studies about the design of companies such as Barclays, Gripple. Herman Miller, O2 and Virgin Atlantic.

For more information on the Leading Business by Design Summit or to download and read the report, please visit