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Invitation to Tender - Strategic Marketing

Developing a Strategic Marketing Proposition for Lancashire

Marketing Lancashire is inviting an agency to submit their proposals to deliver a compelling Lancashire narrative and a 12 month media and communications campaign which will be a central part of the next phase of implementing the LEP's strategy in challenging perceptions and preconceptions and in repositioning the county.

They are seeking to appoint an agency to deliver following:

The development of a compelling 'Lancashire story' or economic narrative, clearly setting out a strong identity and sense of place. This will underpin future place marketing and positioning by the LEP and also secure the support of its key partners, including Marketing Lancashire, Lancashire County Council and the county's other local authorities, who:

  • Will find it sufficiently engaging to be able to deploy it in their own activities.It will also be effective in generating the endorsement and support of the private sector.
  • The requirement for an initial 12-month media and communications campaign, as part of an overarching strategy, to increase awareness of the Lancashire offer amongst key stakeholders and business sectors by employing a range of communication approaches, especially digital channels, appropriate to key target audiences with the potential to invest in or otherwise support Lancashire's growth.
  • The agency(s) will propose and lead the delivery of a strategic campaign employing a range of channels appropriate to the target audiences.
  • They will work with Marketing Lancashire and the County Council to ensure the campaign is effectively coordinated with other planned activities and channels and to secure the sustainability of any new channels or initiatives that the partner may identify as out-lasting the duration of the contract.
  • The successful agency will be expected to demonstrate a strong emphasis on research and evaluation. Accordingly, proposals will clearly set out how this work will achieve a strong return on the LEP's investment, delivering on their objectives - see brief
  • Agencies are invited to tender independently, as a consortium or as a joint venture arrangement to deliver the project. If more than one agency is working together there will need to be clarity in how this will work effectively for the client.

The contract will be awarded on the basis of value for money; proposed approach and outcomes; knowledge, experience and references, assurance of service levels, relationship management and addressing all elements of the brief.

Tender submissions should be sent to Ruth Connor, Chief Executive Marketing Lancashire, Farington House, Lancashire Enterprise Business Park, Centurion Way, Leyland PR26 6TW by end of business 24th April by hard copy and electronic copy to

For any enquiries about the contract please call Ruth on 01772 426450.

Download Full Brief