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Blackburn & Darwen Music Education Hub: External Evaluator

Blackburn and Darwen Music Education Hub wishes to tender for the services of a freelance consultant or organisation.

BMEH passionately believe that music, and the wider arts, brings happiness and meaning to people and children and provides a great opportunity to learn as individuals, communities and societies.

The sense of identity that music can bring to individuals, groups and communities, the channels of creativity and expression, the mastering of a whole range of skills and the value that it can add to the life of an individual, group or community means that it can change lives. We feel that music can support social change and integration and transcend language and prejudices. We believe that in the context of Blackburn with Darwen we must continue to build on our expertise in world music, our diverse offer delivered by a diverse team of specialist musicians, music tutors and the strong cultural part of our work is important to our stakeholders.

The Evaluator’s role is to:

Evaluate the overall achievements of BMEH and it’s projects against the aims and objectives as defined in the Business Plan and to undertake a Quality Assessment of all activity planned and carried out in this period by partners within the BMEH.

For more information click the link below to see the external evaluator brief.

Deadline: Friday 26th June


Download 'brief_for_external_evaluator.doc'