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GoRoaar - Professional online video builder

GoRoaar is the first customisable, professional online video builder that incorporates full scriptwriting, presenters, choice of video clips, presenter backgrounds and music.

The main issues regarding people and companies hesitating to fund a corporate video production is the time and cost.

GoRoaar's unique formula is both cost and time efficient and enables users to create a custom video production from home or work in a few minutes, or Go Roaar can create it, from as little as £1 per month.

In addition, Go Roaar also offer a 3-page basic, 4-page or 6-page website to their video packages. So a full website and video package together can be as little as £5.99!

Similar to the shopping online-revolution, customers can add-to-basket their desired business industry script, video clips, music and more from a huge, diverse selection.

Hundreds of hours have been dedicated to writing individual, unique scripts tailored to the biggest business industries around - whilst trying to incorporate all - with the long-term vision of continuing to add more industries as they grow.

Once the customer has selected their industry, a script will become available. This script, as with all video productions, becomes the backbone of the entire video, as it controls the flow and the information mentioned.

(above: an example of Go Roaar's business video. Starting from £1 per month)

Customers have the chance to edit their scripts to include their business name, contact information and unique service details if desired. As previously mentioned, customisable sections become more available as the packages increase.

After you you've completed the stages on their website, it will be processed in usually a matter of seconds, the video editors can begin creating their custom video with all desired features and have the production completed within 4 days maximum.

This online video concept revolutionises the way corporate videos are created and is the first concept in the world to do so by using short and simple, user-friendly steps with full customer support available at any time of the day.

The concept involves the customer firstly choosing the package which is right for them, from Economy, Business or Business Plus. Each package increases in price and customisable options and extra features, for example, Business Plus (currently at £12.99 per month) exclusively incorporates an SEO Booster.

If you're interested in Go Roaar's services, go the GoRoaar website.