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Give Website Downtime The Elbow!

Bu Blue, the Lancaster-based agency, says too many e-tailers fail to recognise the negative impact that downtime and slow, unresponsive websites can have on their online trade. 

With key gift-buying dates in the diary approaching, such as Mother’s Day and Easter, as well as several Bank Holidays on which there is more time for online shopping, NuBlue says e-tailers need to get their house in order.

By allowing an expert to handle web needs, those selling online can significantly improve their website’s performance. They can benefit from features such an nginx, which allows an e-commerce website to perform better when handling heavy traffic and change the design of their website, so that customers are more likely to click and buy. 

They can also discover if they have the right web shop for their needs and volume of traffic.  An expert e-commerce specialist, like NuBlue, will also check that an e-tailer has all the fulfilment strategies in place at the back-end of the process.

NuBlue’s Technical Director, Tom Ashworth, says: “A high street shop knows the negative impact that not opening on time, not having sufficient resources to handle customer purchases at the tills and closing the doors mid-way through trade can have.  They just wouldn’t allow this to happen and e-tailers should look at their online shop in the same way.  It really does need to he open all hours.

“Online shoppers require swift clicks of the mouse and easy checkout processes.  They expect to buy their purchase there and then and, if they find a site down, will simply find another to click through to.  No e-tailer should allow this to happen and that means taking a professional approach towards web hosting and design.”

If you wish to give website downtime the elbow, talk to NuBlue on