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Funding Opportunities from EBN Innovation Network

Funding available for web entrepreneurs and startups developing apps and services for agriculture, creativity, transport & smart cities sectors

SEBIC, EURONOVA BIC, TVT, IMinds, Trentino Sviluppo, Forum Virium, InnovaBic are actively involved in 3 of the 16 Future Internet Accelerators supporting ICT companies, and web entrepreneurs and startups developing apps and services for agriculture, creativity, transport & smart cities sectors.

Each of the accelerators has launched or is launching an open call to provide grant aid and business development support to the successful projects selected.  The common criteria among all 16 accelerators is that all of the apps and services developed must use FIWARE technologies (an innovative, open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of future internet applications and services) when developing their application or service.

Let’s see in more detail what is on offer!

The SmartAgriFood accelerator wants to fund web entrepreneurs and SMEs with new or innovative ideas for applications and services to address the lack of smart ICT tools suited for farming and wider agricultural use.  Apps and services specifically in the areas of horticulture, arable farming and livestock are eligible. The SmartAgriFood call is now open  until the 15th  November  with  €4 million in funding  available to  SME’s and web entrepreneurs.  Grants of up to €100K are available which will be distributed over 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 Prototype development (Up to €40,000 in EU funding, 100% funded, no matched funding required)
  • Stage 2 End user trials (Up to €40,000 in EU funding funded at 75%; 25% matched funding required)
  • Stage 3 Business Development (Up to €20,000 in EU funding funded at 50%; 50% matched funding required).

In addition SmartAgriFood will provide a range of mentoring and advice services at all stages of development with experts operating in the agri, ICT and business sectors. Visit the website to read the full call guidelines and to apply or write to Laura Lecci EBN Project Manager!

CreatiFi is an accelerator offering opportunities to SME’s, web entrepreneurs and individuals working in the Creative Industries. CreatiFi aims at transforming valuable innovative ideas into creative applications and services. The first CreatiFI call for proposals is open for applications until 30th of November 2014. Participants are invited to submit a mock-up design and project plan. 15 teams within four Hubs will be selected to proceed and rewarded with EUR 10.000. A design competition will be organised of which the result -a mock-up design- will be submitted for evaluation. CreatiFI means business, so the teams will also submit a project plan (Prototype Plan) describing how they will translate the mock-up into a functioning prototype with a strong business case over the course of 8 months. The overall submissions will be evaluated by external reviewers.

FrontierCities supports web-developers, SMEs and start-ups developing smart mobility applications for cities across Europe! FrontierCities is made up of seven partners mixing experience and expertise in management, technology and business development. On November 20th 2014 frontierCities will launch a call for proposals and the successful ones should aim to address mobility issues in cities. With a total grant fund of €3,920,000, the grants offered to successful applications will range from EUR €50,000 to €150,000. Not only do we provide financing but we also offer technical support and business advice. frontierCities will run a series of boot-camps both to ensure the applicants’ competency in using FIWARE technologies and to ensure the uptake and business success of the developed application. frontierCities will also pair interested cities with web-developers, SMEs and start-ups, providing grantees a real space to test and deploy their smart mobility applications. At the end of the project a showcase event will be organized. Web-developers, SMEs and start-ups will have the opportunity to demonstrate their innovative applications while European cities get a taste of various applications that can cater for their specific mobility issues.