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Free creative business guide for Kindle, iBooks and Nook

'T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity' by David Parrish is available as a free eBook in two formats:

'T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity' is available as a free eBook in two formats: a text-only file for Kindle, iBooks and other eBook readers, and a full-colour PDF version of the paperback.

This eBook is free. Download it now. It's a gift. No strings attached. There is no need to register or give your email address. This highly-acclaimed book was written by creative business adviser and creative industries consultant David Parrish, who also writes the T-Shirts and Suits blog.

The book and e-Book is designed for creative entrepreneurs and people managing creative businesses and cultural organisations. This free business eBook is one of the few publications written especially for people in the creative industries and cultural industries. It offers business ideas on marketing, intellectual property, leadership, organisational structures, business strategy, and more - written especially for creative entrepreneurs and creative enterprises.

About David Parrish
David helps creative people ('T-Shirts') use smart business thinking ('Suits'), so they can achieve success on their own terms, using cool business ideas which fit with their values and objectives. Successful creative enterprises integrate creativity and business. David's T-Shirts and Suits® approach combines creative passion with the best business techniques.

David specialises in helping creative and digital media businesses, creative entrepreneurs and cultural enterprises with business development, growth strategies, business plans, innovation, strategic marketing, intellectual property, raising finance, business growth, collaborations and innovation. His services include management consultancy, business advice, marketing consultancy, training workshops, seminars, presentations, speeches and writing.

He has extensive international networks of personal and professional contacts in the creative and digital industries, built up over years of working in the creative and cultural sector as a business owner, manager, entrepreneur and creative industries management consultant. This enables him to keep up to date with trends and developments in the creative and cultural industries internationally. Through his networks, Dave Parrish is able to connect people and businesses locally and globally to form creative collaborations and complement creative talent with business expertise.

The T-Shirts and Suits Creative Enterprise Network is a free online network for the creative industries which enables creative entrepreneurs to share information, build networks and learn from each other. David Parish is the founder and co-ordinator of the T-Shirts and Suits Creative Enterprise Network.

David Parrish will be a special guest speaker at this years’ BIG 2014 Conference at Creative Edge, West Lancashire - Wednesday 18th June. BIG 2014 will combine keynote speakers, workshops and seminars with practical demonstrations and case-studies to showcase what is possible and inspire new ideas. This year's Business Innovation for Growth (BIG) Conference theme is 'Transformation: Mission & Ambition' - how creativity and innovation can unlock expanding and emerging markets. BIG conference will be Lancashire's contribution to IFB2014.

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