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EU funding programmes: Euclid can help

Whether you are applying for the Creative Europe: Culture sub-programme, Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, or any other EU funding, Euclid can help.

Euclid has more than 15 years of experience and is the leading independent provider of information and advice for the arts, culture, heritage and creative industries to help you understand and access EU funding opportunities.

Easier to apply

While the Creative Europe: Culture sub-programme is obviously directly relevant to these sectors, it is actually easier to apply to some other programmes such as Erasmus+ or Europe for Citizens – though please note that arts or culture projects will need to meet the specific criteria of these programmes – education, training, youth in the case of Erasmus+, and engagement with EU themes such as tolerance and understanding, and the development of the EU itself, in the case of Europe for Citizens. The forthcoming EU referendum in the UK provides an excellent additional reason to make applications to this fund.

These programmes operate on the basis of “lump sum” funding, meaning detailed budgets are not required. The requirements for match funding are much simpler. It is also possible to apply via the mobility strand (easier application forms) for a group of mobility grants in order to create a project. In the case of Erasmus+, applications are made to the UK contact point rather than to the EC in Brussels, and the decisions are made more quickly.


There are a number of deadlines in September / October for these programmes:

  • 1 September for the Europe for Citizens programme: mobility: town twinning / networks of towns
  • 1 October for the Erasmus+ programme: youth strand: mobility (KA1) / projects (KA2)
  • 7 October for the Creative Europe: Culture sub-programme: projects: small / large

Note that the next deadlines are in early 2016:

  • February for the Erasmus+ programme: youth strand: mobility (KA1) / projects (KA2)
  • March for the Europe for Citizens programme: mobility: town twinning / networks of towns
  • March for the Europe for Citizens programme: projects: European remembrance / civil society
  • March for the Erasmus+ programme: education/training strands: mobility (KA1) / projects (KA2)
  • April for the Erasmus+ programme: youth strand: mobility (KA1) / projects (KA2)

How Euclid can help...

Matching your organisation to EU opportunities
Euclid can prepare a matching eU report unique to your organisation – assessing your objectives, activities, history, capacity and ideas, and providing an analysis of EU funding opportunities most relevant to your needs and interests, and where you have the greatest chances of success.

Help with your EU application
Euclid can help with your EU application. We can review your application forms, including the budget, and provide detailed feedback to ensure the content will have a strong impact on jury members, thus maximising your chances of success.

Help with your successful EU funded project
If you have been successful, Euclid can help in two ways. Firstly, at the start, we can provide advice and guidance to help ensure that your project is well organised and managed – in areas such as planning, partner communications and meetings, EU reporting and financial management – as well as providing help and assistance should anything untoward occur during your project. Secondly, at the end, Euclid can help prepare your final report – we can provide feedback and analysis on your report & financial statements, to ensure you cover all EU requirements, and to minimise any requests for further information from the Agency or other EC officials – to help ensure you receive the maximum final payment as quickly as possible.

Contact Euclid now!

The best way to contact Geoffrey Brown at Euclid is to email him at And do register for our twitter feed @euartsfunding to make sure you are getting the latest news on funding opportunities across all the various EU programmes and initiatives.

And finally… artsYES

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