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Creative Employment Programme Case Study

Case study: Elly Langois, Associate Artist in Residence Intern

Elly's Story

Since graduating I have tried a number of job roles and internships, each time trying to find a position that allowed me to practice the skills I learnt and use the creative input I cherished.

Although art-school taught me to produce art-work, I still felt that I lacked the necessary skills to be able to begin working as an artist; how to make artwork that is beneficial to - and representative of - the people who need it, how to get a commission, how to set up a collective or organisation.

I feel that my internship with In-Situ has helped me to learn how to do these things. The open brief has provided me with a balance between making socially engaging art work and managing my time to be able to make this work sustainably.

"I wish everyone in art school could have the opportunity to work as it teaches you so much and I have gained so many skills – I didn’t even realise I needed."

My role here has been incredibly varied. Working alone and collaboratively, it has included:

  • developing my own art practice;
  • running alternative art lessons for a local school group;
  • planting, and drawing designs for a wild food garden;
  • starting a themed life-drawing class;
  • curating exhibitions;
  • blogging;
  • social networking
  • and writing newsletters!

Whilst here I have particularly benefited from being able to expand my network and become part of many different groups. This has given me the support of other peers as well as established professionals. It has also made me far more aware of some of the other job roles that are available in the creative industries. This internship has covered skills that I didn’t even realise I was lacking when I began, and as far as I can tell, it has been the perfect start to my career in the arts.

I have already and will continue to recommend everyone leaving art school to apply for a position such as this one. I hope to stay with In-Situ after my internship has ended, and they are helping me to apply for project funding to enable this. At the same time, I have really enjoyed the residency format and am applying for several other residencies nationwide and across Europe.

This internship has provided me with the opportunity to explore a new part of the country and I am keen to continue to travel and gain as much experience as I can.