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Development Impact and You Toolkit

A brand new toolkit licensed by NESTA

The Development Impact and You Toolkit (DIY Toolkit) has been designed for practitioners to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better results.

It contains 30 innovation tools
that are quick to use, simple to apply and designed to help busy people around the world create more impact with their work.

These tools have not come out of thin air. Hundreds of tools currently being used have been researched and tested - and have included only the ones which practitioners found most useful. Many of them are well documented and have been widely used in other sectors. All the tool descriptions include a key reference, so it is easy to trace back to their origins and dive deeper into other publications about their application.


  • Freely available online
  • 30 practical tool worksheets, downloadable in sizes A1 to A4
  • Practical guidance on how to use each tool
  • Sign-posting to further reading, and references to each tool's creator
  • Multi-media video tutorials (full set by August 2014)
  • Real-life case studies generated through user testing
  • Rating and feedback on each tool


The DIY Toolkit was licensed by NESTA, made possible by The Rockefeller Foundation and designed by STBY and Quicksand.

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