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Creative Europe Media Dealines

Creative Europe Media deadlines are fast approaching


The following Creative Europe MEDIA deadlines are approaching:

Single Project Development -
6th June 2014 (11am GMT)

Access to Markets (Framework Partnership Agreement) - 6th June 2014 (11am GMT)

TV Programming - 13th June 2014 (11am GMT)

Sales Agents (Generation) - 18th June 2014 (11am GMT)

Newtorks of Cinemas - 27th June 2014 (11am GMT)

Selective Distribution - 2nd July 2014 (11am GMT)

Film Festivals - 4th July 2014 (11am GMT)

Online Distribution - 11th July 2014 (11am GMT)

If you're considering submitting an application, the teams at Creative Europe Desk UK's network of national offices are ready to help and make sure it stands the best chance of being selected.

For your national office, please contact:

England: Francesca Walker - 020 713 3221
Scotland: Emma Valentine - 0141 302 1776
Wales: Judy Wasdell - 07554 434034

Applicants from Northern Ireland please contact the England office as recruitment for the Belfast office is still underway.

Please note that under Creative Europe, all applicants are now processed online. If you have not already done so, you will need to register your organisation or company through the Participant Portal. Further details can be found here.

Information on the Participant Portal can be found here.