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Lancashire secures funding for a Creative Apprenticeship Programme

National Apprenticeship Week: 3– 7 March 2014.

Lancashire's Creative Apprenticeships initiative announces success.

Creative Lancashire has joined forces with Curious Minds, and cultural leaders across Lancashire to secure funding for a Creative Apprenticeship Programme. Cultural agencies and local authorities in Lancashire have pooled their resources to create Apprenticeships and Internships in the creative sector for young people across the county.

National Apprenticeship Week 2014 will take place from 3- 7 March 2014. Now in its seventh year, National Apprenticeship Week is the time when all eyes are on Apprenticeships. The new scheme has already created 1289 new jobs from across the country and now Lancashire is a part of it.

The Creative Employment Programme funded by Arts Council England and managed by the Cultural and Creative Sector Skills Council aims to generate skilled employees within the creative sector by recruiting and training Apprentices and Interns for the creative and cultural organisations.

The programme will help to generate 31 new cultural and creative job opportunities from 18 different organisations, including Blackpool and Blackburn. Ages of the Apprentices and Interns will range between 16 and 24 years and the programme will target areas of high youth unemployment in the county.

Ruth Raban from Creative Lancashire said of the success: "The consortium of cultural leaders came together to make the programme work for Lancashire's young people. It's great to see arts organisations, local authorities and the LCC employment services all working together to create new jobs for Lancashire".

The apprentices will receive training and a recognised nationally vocational qualification based on their progress within the workplace, however, not only will they receive a qualification, they will also gain work experience while employed which is an important attribute to have for the future.

The apprentices and interns will be given training in essential skills vital for working in agency or marketing departments, such as appropriate vocabulary on office telephones and different types of computer programmes and software training, such as Microsoft office, bespoke software and many more.

The Creative Employment Programme will pay towards the young people's apprenticeships and internships, so the employers will benefit from hiring an administration Apprenticeship for as little as £3,503 per year.

The organisations involved have a large range in size for example the smallest company to enter the programme in Lancashire has just 2 employees and the largest is Lancashire County Council cultural services who have around 40,000 employees.


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