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#CreateUK Week

Twitter discussions about the creative industry

Monday 30th June to Friday 4th July will be the week to celebrate the phenomenal success of the UK Creative Industries in a week long digital event.

The UK's Creative Industries generate a staggering £8 million per hour for the UK economy and continues to go from strength-to-strength.
Along with the industry, the Department for Culture, Media & Sport will be using #CreateUK to champion the success of the sector, explore the employment opportunities and look at what makes the UK's creative industries so exceptional. The week will include video interviews, Twitter debates, blogs and graphics.

Every day of #CreateUK Week a particular sector within the industry will be highlighted and hold an hour long chat on Twitter. Running between 1pm and 2pm, you can join the conversation each day by using the hashtag #CreateUkhour - if you work in the industry, why not express your thoughts?

#CreateUK will not only be a chance to showcase the best of the UK Creative Industries to the world, but it will provide a forum for like-minded people to share views, provide advice and make new contacts in the industry. Get involved!

Themes for the week


  • Industry Focus: Film/TV/Games/IT/Software
  • Twitter #CreateUKhour topic (1 to 2pm): General debate on what makes the UK's Creative Industries so unique


  • Industry Focus: Design/Fashion/Architecture/Crafts
  • Twitter #CreateUKhour topic (1 to 2pm): Creative Talent - what are employers looking for? What are the barriers?


  • Industry Focus: Music and Performing Arts
  • Twitter #CreateUKhour topic (1 to 2pm): Regional spread - how can we ensure a vibrant CI spread across the UK?


  • Industry Focus: Advertising, Marketing, PR and Publishing
  • Twitter #CreateUKhour topic (1 to 2pm): Diversity and gender - how can we attract more women into the creative industries? What can other industries learn from the creative industries as a diverse employer?


  • Highlights and recap of #CreateUK Week's best bits

For full details about this online based, week long event, please visit here.