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Artist Commission: Vicky Witch Family Sculpture Trail - Subway Painting

Pendle Parks team are looking for an artist for this paid opportunity at the Vicky Witch Family Sculpture Trail.

Pendle Parks have approximately £750 set aside for artist opportunity project - thoughthere is room for manoeuvre on this budget dependent upon what we get back from interested parties.

What they are looking for:

  • Unsworth the Dragon (photographed: right) is positioned right next to the entrance to the Subway (photographed: left) and in the ‘Vicky’s Bad day’ story the subway is classed as Unsworth’s dragon cave.
  • The initial idea was to have the dragon breathing fire inside the subway and then it morphing in to a scene where all the characters of the trail are (maybe in a nice park/green setting). The subway runs under Carr Road and is made of brick.
  • As shown in the photos the top half has been whitewashed. This is where they would like to do some kind of painting/mural.
  • They are open to suggestions for ideas for the artwork and are not necessarily wanting to go with this idea so it is basically a blank canvas (as long as it relates to the trail/story).
  • They also had the idea of having some of the painting in the subway which illuminated when it was dark. They wanted it to be bright and very exciting.
  • They were also looking at painting some permanent colour footprints of some of the characters on two sections of the trail. These would be painted on to the tarmac surface and would be within two stretches of approx. 10-20 metre. It is outlined where these would be on the attached trail map. Again, they are open to suggestions on this and the more creative the better!

Pendle Arts are looking to get this part of the project completed within the next 2-3 months.

If you would like to meet on site or talk through what we are looking for any further, please call Kieron Roberts on 01772 661587 or email him

Download 'footprint_locations_vicky_witch.pdf'